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GUARDS services

We provide well – trained, healthy and educated Security Operatives to oil/gas companies, financial institutions, industrial sector, commercial establishments, educational / missionary institutions, medical institutions, unions / associations, government, non governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals.


SANTANA operates modern Training Schools in Lagos and branches. Each security operative undergoes one month intensive training before deployment. Retraining of the operatives is carried out every 3 months. The supervisors and other trainers are retrained once in 4 months. All operatives are trained on basic security which include:

ARMED ESCORT services/VIP protection

We also provide safe, secure and comfortable protocol / armed escort services for people and valuable assets from one point (source) to another (destination) within Nigeria. This is aimed at providing adequate protection to persons and valuables without attracting undue attention.

Packages under Armed Escort Services Include:

Full Day Armed Escort Service: This service is either within the state or inter- state. It operates on the basis of providing armed escort for personnel and / or assets from source to destination for a maximum period of 24 hours. The Full Day Armed Escort service may entail waiting for the passengers during official transaction or personal engagements.
Pick-Up / Drop Off Escort Service: We shall provide our armed escort team with certified motor vehicles to move the passenger and valuable assets from source to destination. This does not include waiting arrangements.
Meet & Greet: This involves meeting the passenger at the luggage area and tries to assist ease off the bottlenecks associated with airport clearances. It is most useful when the passenger is a first time traveller to Nigeria.


We undertake the supply, installation and maintenance of world leading electronic security gadgets such as CCTV, Burglary Alarm System, Under Vehicle Search Mirror and many others to prospective buyers and clients at large. All our products come with warranty and have after sales service.

QUICK ARMED Response(tactical)

We provide armed response team to compliment the effort of the Police in fighting the escalating incidents of crime,E.g armed robbery as well as providing succor to distress calls on fire outbreak,domestic accidents and medical emergencies.Our readiness on this services is geared towards prevent loss of life and property as the case may be.

MARINE security

We also provide marine armed escort services to clients in Nigeria in the following areas:

  • Armed escort of vessels for petroleum products at any point offshore against pirates, militants, hijackers etc.
  • Armed security on-board for trading vessels and cargo carriers.
  • Maintaining security surveillance on pre-set perimeters around the oil facilities onshore/offshore.
  • Provision of surveillance Team and detection systems
  • Relaying critical communications between offshore security, vessels and patrol team
  • Provision of armed Government Security Forces (GSF), ship crew, private guards (and qualified personnel to perform specified duties) on board.
  • Providing armed patrol teams for oil facilities and coastal/offshore business concerns.

EVENT security

Santana provides security services during special events such as Wedding Parties, Funeral Ceremonies/ Parties, Musical Concert, Corporate Functions etc. Santana provides well trained, educated and intelligent security operatives to cover special events and occasions eg. exhibitions, trade fairs, product promotions, launching ceremonies, weddings, birthday ceremonies, funeral ceremonies/ parties, musical concert, corporate functions etc They are specially trained on:

  • Courtesy and human relations
  • Crowd control
  • Gate control
  • Traffic management/control
  • Search procedures
  • Dog handling
  • Crisis Management etc.

DOG Hiring

Santana security provides different kinds of dogs to individuals and corporate organizations ranging from Doberman, Pitpull, German shepherd, Labrador amongst others. These different breeds are known for their physical strength, protection instincts, and courageousness. Our dogs are trained in such a way that an intruder never crosses their path. To put these dogs under ideal checks, we employs professional dog handlers whose duties are mainly to handle and instruct them as need arises. Prospective clients are always given the opporturnity to make their choices from the different breeds.

Background Checks/Vetting

Santana helps corporate organizations to vet their officers and employee when called upon to do so. This involves getting details from schools attended,friends,villages,neighbors and members of the employee's family. We employ all professional means to get all needed informations about the individual.

MANPOWER Development

Santana organises training programmes for corporate organisations, individuals etc in our well-equipped Training Centre. We also provide in-house trainings and refresher courses for staff of all classes of business / non-profit organisations using our seasoned and well trained professionals / instructors